Our setting has transitioned on July 6th 2020, from an unincorporated  charity, run by a Committee, to an incorporated charity (CIO) and as such is overseen by a volunteer management of Trustees.

We have completed our registration with the Charities Commission and Ofsted.

Our members were elected by the parents of the children who attend our setting. The elections took place at our Annual General Meeting in October 2019.

Our Trustees are Cliff Marsh, Katherine Chapman and Darren Wannell.

Meet the Trustees
Cliff Marsh

Chair of Trustee

Darren Wannell


Katherine Chapman


All the trustees have a personal connection with members of the team and setting having built partnerships through many years which supports the future of the CIO.


Cliff Marsh

Cliff is Chair to our Board of Trustees, having held similar roles at Beech Grove Primary School, Waterloo Road Preschool and on the Children's Centre Advisory Board. Cliff has a management background, which will be put to good use in this role.


Darren Wannell

Darren is a local business man, who through having a young family and being heavily involved in the renovation of the Preschool building, became a member of the board. Darren brings a wealth of skills and knowledge particularly in areas such as Health and Safety and building maintenance, to the board.

Katherine Chapman

Kat has been an active member of committees in various Preschool's, prior to joining the board and was heavily involved in fundraising and being part of the team, whom helped to build the Preschool to what it is today. Kat works locally in Healthcare and is passionate about ensuring the new CIO is a success.


Roles and Responsibilities for Officers and Trustees



Other  Roles

  • Committee designated Safeguarding Officer – confidentially support the settings Designated lead.



Annual fund raising events
  • Through the year we try to raise funds with the support of our families and community.

  • From Sept to July we have a calendar of events but unfortunately due to Covid19 we have been unable to hold all.

Fundraiser and Grants Total
September 2020 - July 2021
Halloween Event £186.40
 Christmas party £201
 Valentines £68
Easter £ 
Summer Event £ 
Fun Day £
Donation £50