Take a look at our fees

The fees are expected to be paid half-termly by BACS. 

Currently Fees are, 

Age 2 year £4.70 per Hour.

Age 3 Years plus £4.60 per hour. 

Fees will be reviewed a maximum of twice a year. 

We charge/claim for 2 inset days per academic year, 2.5 hours for each inset day, this is for parents meeting, held during the Autumn and Summer terms. They are so important for our parent partnerships and for the children's development.

Fees must still be paid if children are absent due to sickness or holidays and if the setting is forced to close due to reasons out of our control.

Please see the Fees policy for full details.

In order for your child/ren to keep her/his place at our setting, you must pay any relevant fees.

If you have any questions over fees please talk to Sheryl.

We are in receipt of nursery education funding for two, three and four year olds; including the extended entitlement and Tax free childcare. Where funding is not received or claimed then fees apply.