These are all of our Policy links for your information. Please click on the link to read the Policy in full. Please note we review these policies on a termly basis and as required due to legislation updates.

The Trustees have adopted the Policies of the Pre-School in there entirety. Each individual Policy will be reviewed by the 07/07/2021 or per our schedule, which ever comes first.


Administering Medicines   6.1

Admissions    10.2

Animals in setting    8.6

British values    9.5

Childcare terms and conditions    10.13

Children's records    10.6

Children's rights and entitlements    1.1

Client access to records    10.9

Complaints    10.12

Confidentiality    10.0

Employment    2.1

Fees    10.15

Fire safety    8.5

Fist Aid    3.2

Food and drink    6.5

Food hygiene    6.6

Health and safety    8.1

Induction for staff and volunteers    3.1

Information sharing    10.10

Looked after children    1.3

Maintaining Children's safety    8.2

Managing children who are sick and infectious    6.2

Missing children    1.5

Nappy changing Intimate care    6.5

No smoking    8.7

On line safety    1.6

Parental involvement    10.5

Privacy notice    10.01

Promoting Positive behaviour    7.1

Providers records    10.7

Recording and reporting    6.3

Reserves    10.16

Risk assessments    8.4

Role of Keyperson     4.1

Safeguarding and child protection    1.2

Staff behaviour    2.3

Staff development and training    3.3

Staff personal safety    8.10

Staff privacy notice 

Staffing    5.1

Student placement    2.2

Sun policy    6.7

Supervision on outings    8.3

Supporting children with SEND    9.2

Tapestry    10.4

Transfer of records to school    10.8

Uncollected child    1.4

Valuing diversity and equality    9.1

Whistle blowing    1.7

Working in partnership    10.11